eAeon – Guilt-Free Review

eAeon is primarily the vocalist for Mot, a late 2000s rock band that really showed off another side of Korean rock. The dark and brooding music was an excellent change from the lighter pop rock that I had found before.

Guilt-Free is like an extension of Mot, but focuses on electronica and synth rather than making the sounds of the band with a band. The music is excellent using different elements and instrumental sounds to create statements with each song.

The album is an amazing start to 2012 considering how dense and complex each song is. The release is two discs with the first disc the proper release and the second disc full of instrumentals of every song. It’s an incredible full-length return and if you’ve heard Mot before, you know what the vocals will sound like, but the instrumentals are something entirely different.

It is easily one of the best of the year.