Eastern Youth – 心ノ底ニ灯火トモセ (Kokoro no soko ni tomoshibi tomose) Review

Eastern Youth are one of the early punk bands of Japan. They’ve been around for a long time playing and evolving their sound even though the base is still the same./

I can’t recommend Eastern Youth enough to anyone who is listening to Japanese rock. The music is classic and important with each album. Their latest being released in 2011, it’s great to hear that their sound hasn’t changed. The vocals are still hoarse and the music is still played with a small amount of abandon and grittiness that is always great to hear.

Even when Eastern Youth isn’t playing their best, it’ still sounds better than a lot of other Japanese bands. You will hear the emotion coming across from the whole band and even though the recording of the music has gotten better, Eastern Youth haven’t changed.

If you haven’t listen to Eastern Youth, you’re missing something from your playlist.