Michita – Snow Bland Review

Snow Bland is the last album is Michita’s that I’ve found. Like his other albums, there are the consistent tones and beats in the songs. The album remains consistent in the amazing production of the songs and it’s just as great listen.

Even though Snow Bland still comprises of samples and additional elements in the construction of the songs, the album sounds and feels a lot more organic. Each of the songs comes across as flowing more naturally. Not to say Michita’s other albums are not organic, but Snow Bland has another tone beyond the music/

Later in the album, Snow Bland features guest vocalists who bring their style to the music. My favorite track on the album is “Diamond Dust featuring acharu. The dichotomy of her higher pitched vocals over the simplistic beat creates an impressive combination of melodies.

Michita is still one of the most impressive Japanese producers releasing music today.