Miryo – Miryo aka JOHONEY Review

Miryo, previously of Honey Family and currently of Brown Eyed Girls, has always been a talented hip-hop artists. But like most Kpop groups, the rap parts in the songs always feel like quick additions.

With her “album” which is actually like an EP, Miryo comes out into her own with songs of different styles and genres. The release shows off a lot more than I expected.

With the first track “Party Rock” featuring Gary of LeeSsang and the singer from The Koxx and then moving into a more pop friendly rap pop song; Miryo is capable of adapting more than I thought.

I have to say that I enjoyed listening to her different songs. Sunny from Girls’ Generation and Narsha also make appearances on the songs, but each one highlights Miryo’s ability to deliver fast lyrics and pseudo-melodic vocals.

Surprising, but also surprisingly good.