Shinchireem – Episode 1 Travel Review

The first song on Shinchireem’s Episode 1 is country music. Purely country music.

Moving on, the genre appears less on songs, but there is a definite older style that comes across in the music. It’s strange to hear this style of music in 2012.

I do enjoy the slightly hoarse vocals that play along with the music. It’s the same style as many singer-songwriters who play with emotion, but Shinchireem has a bit more melody.

You will not be hearing new mixture of styles with Episode 1, it has a very old school sound that continues throughout the entire length of the album. But even with the age, the music becomes addictive on the fact that the old style is played with finesse.

Funny enough, listening to Shichireem sounds like something new even when it’s playing an older style.