W & Whale – Hardboiled Review

With W & Whale, I have known of them for a while. I’m not too familiar with the progression of their music and have always listened to random tracks.

Hardboiled is from 2008, so it’s not too old. I thought the style of W & Whale was more electronica, but the album actually feels more R&B at the start. As you move forward, the electro-pop comes out a lot more. It’s a very specific sound though and may not speak to everyone.

I think that W & Whale is a great and talented band, but the music doesn’t speak to me for some reason on Hardboiled. Possibly it’s the age of the album. The music is good though, but it’s just not what I’m interested in listening to.

W & Whale make interesting electro-pop and people should give it a chance.