80Kidz – This is My Works 02 Review

80Kidz’s second remix album contains the same excellent remixing that This is My Works had, but with more current songs. A 2011 release, there are more rock tracks that were used than the first release.

The songs still contain the base of the original, but the 80Kidz take their style and mix the two together. Some songs have a lot less changes than others, but each song has a new feeling. This is My Works 02 has a lot more variety in the styles of electronica as well.

Some songs are more muted and focusing on melody than others. The hard bass that say among most of the songs on the first remix album aren’t as common and the added instrumentals are more melody.

This is My Works 02 is a stronger release than the first remix album and I’m excited to see what a third release will bring.