The Pony – Little Apartment Review

I listened to The Pony a long time ago. I can slightly remember the album cover. I’m glad that I can’t remember what I said about Pony because Little Apartment is probably something entirely different.

The EP is a lot different than I expected it would be. Consisting of 80s new wave synth and indie rock, it has a kinship to Telepathy’s Techno Shoes. The music is different though with the fast beats and the snyth keyboard creating accompanying melodies to follow the guitar.

Little Apartment’s energy is the best part of the EP because even when it’s not reaching to create huge noise, the consistency of the music is excellent. Tones are throwbacks to older music, but Pony update the sound and presenting a great release.

Even though the album only contains five songs, it’s instantly an addictive release and worth listening to.