té – 音の中の『痙攣的』な美は、観念を超え肉体に訪れる野生の戦慄。

te have one of the most energetic playing styles that I’ve ever heard from Japan. Their newest release, which has enough songs for a full-length is actually an EP with a large amount of live recorded songs.

The math-rock, instrumental style that te plays is unique to the band. Even though Japan has a lot of different math-rock or post-rock bands, te sit by themselves with how they create the music. On the surface, it may sound like un-related beats, but the more you listen to each song; the layers of the music comes out.

I always wondered if the te could play this music as well live, and their live songs really show that they have even more intensity in their live shows. te is an amazing band that deserves a lot more notice especially because they make music that bridges countries without vocals.