4minute – Volume Up Review

When 4minute releases a mini-album or single, there’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll actually like the music. They’ve had hits and misses, actually more misses with some of their choices in songs, but they seem to work hard.

Though I have always thought that 4minute have always had a concept problem. While some members have applied characters to how they perform, others are carbon copying other groups.

Volume Up also has this problem in their songs. The lead single “Volume Up” would be a lot better without the massive repetitive nonsense at the end of verses by Hyuna. Obviously selling her character, there’s a push of her participation in the music even though she’s the weakest vocalist.

Throughout the mini-album, there is a horrible use of the actual vocalists in the group. I think the two best vocalists are given the most repetitive lines to sing all the time.

The one ballad song? Pass.

Even “Dream Racer” which was produced by The Koxx is a failure. The song is 100% a The Koxx song translated for idol pop. But 4minute can’t pull it off.

Volume Up has a lot of missed chances.