MC Sniper – Full Time Review

I don’t think MC Sniper has released a new full-length in a long time. Even though I usually heard his performances on guest tracks, I do find his method of lyrical delivery to be very interesting.

Listening to Full Time and its twenty songs, I got the sense that he had a lot to say on his comeback. The vocal delivery is what sets MC Sniper apart from other hip-hop artists. He doesn’t go for speed, but a precise attack in the flow of how he presents each syllable.

The beats behind the songs also guide here and there on where he’s going to sit on each beat, and that’s what makes it a lot of fun to listen to MC Sniper. What’s kind of funny is that the album has both older sounding and newer styles and MC Sniper is able to perform regardless.

He’s an impressive hip-hop artists and I’m glad to see that he’s back.